Preparing for the arrival of your baby and projecting yourself is an important and essential step. Some products are essential, others will be purchased for pleasure. Then come the first birthdays, baptisms, Christmas and all other occasions when loved ones will want to participate in your child's life.

Creating a multi-shop gift list is a great way to engage those who want to participate, and for parents to be sure they have what they prefer for their child without being restricted in their choice.

Using the free website Mes Envies, Cool Kids Atelier offers you, from 150 Euros of purchase on the shop (for the same list of gifts), a voucher equivalent to 10% of the total amount spent, to use on the shop for future purchases (within 6 months).

It is only necessary for parents to notify us by email, at the time of the creation of the list, that they have added items from the shop, and for relatives who wish to offer them to mention the name of the corresponding list at the time of purchase.

You will find below the link to create and manage your gift lists:

To give you some inspiration you can find here our examples of gift lists:

For a girl:

For a boy:

Then all to your lists!